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On today’s episode of The Business Forum Group, radio show host Peter De La Torre has a discussion with Edward Redlich about the Miami industrial real estate market as well as the opening of the Miami economy.

“Delayed deals are better than dead deals” states Redlich. His team has been working with clients over the past couple of months to keep deals in progress. Miami is positioned perfectly to be the epicenter of business and industry in the western hemisphere. Redlich explains that “We have the trade routes and relationships to take advantage of the production and supply chain shifts away from China. Our government’s lock down is harming small businesses, not helping.” As Miami business leaders, Redlich and De La Torre also present their case to reopen our economy expeditiously and move forward.

Redlich calls out so-called local leaders who are absent in advocating for small businesses. “Where are our chambers of commerce? Where are our civil rights advocates? Where are the legal professionals defending our Constitutional rights? The “business bullies” have intimidated all of them to not speak out against the mainstream dogma.”

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Where We Go One, We Go All !!!

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Edward Redlich has worked in the Miami industrial real estate market for over 25 years. He has volunteered as the Society of Industrial & Office Realtors (SIOR) Florida Chapter Past-President; Past-President of the Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM) Miami District; Past-Director of the Florida Realtors and National Realtors as well as the Past-Chairman of the Miami Realtors Commercial Alliance (RCA). One of Redlich’s projects was to lobby the state of Florida for the reduction of the state sales tax on commercial leases. Redlich has taken multiple trade missions to China, Hong Kong, Peru, Panama, Germany and the Netherlands. Since his tours of China in 2006 and 2007, he has been semi-boycotting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Redlich is a strong advocate for American values. In addition, he believes in free-market, laisseze-faire capitalism for all the good people of the world. In his spare time, Redlich has studied economics, history, and geo-politics.



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