annexation map miami springs

Annexation Map by Miami Springs in Airport Palmetto Corridor


Miami Springs is once again attempting to annex portions of the Airport Palmetto Corridor. This time the area bounded by NW 74th Street Connector to the north, state Road 826 to the west, NW 36th Street to the south, and NW 67th Avenue to the east in under the threat of additional taxes.

There is a public hearing on May 6, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in front of Miami-Dade County’s Planning Advisory Board. If Miami Springs is successful, the Municipal portion of property taxes would be increased by 281% in the area. This is of great concern to many property owners and tenants with pass-through lease obligations for increases in property taxes. There are a couple groups of property owners who are once again leading the fight against annexation.

Please contact ComReal and we will put you in touch with those property and business owners upon your request.

Patrick McBride
Commercial Advisor


miami springs annexation

Miami Springs Annexation Map



  1. This is not just a problem for landlord/owners. Tenants will have their rents increased via pass through operating expenses. In addition, tenants will be responsible for the 6.7% sales tax on top of the property taxes. This is double-taxation and not fair. Welcome to Miami-Dade County, Florida!

  2. Property Owners and Business Owners in the Airport Palmetto Corridor, north of 36th Street, must come together to tell Miami-Dade County that they don’t approve and will diligently fight Miami Springs’ blatant cash grab.

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