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PortMiami: Sea Cargo Gateway to the Americas

Companies that import and export goods and perishables between the Americas should pay attention to one of the world’s leading hubs for commerce located in South Florida. PortMiami sits conveniently on the southern tip of North America, with prime access to South and Central America, Europe, and even Asia. The Port in Miami has the capability to welcome mega-sized cargo ships and is the closest U.S. container port to the Panama Canal, making it a priority point of entry for any major industry that does business with the United States. With a prime location closest to Caribbean, Central, and South American ports, immediate access to rail and highway systems, state-of-the-art security, and the benefits of thousands of square feet of warehouse space within a Foreign Trade Zone, strategic business operators know that their cargo is perfectly positions for distribution within the U.S. and beyond by way of PortMiami.


Rail & Highway Access

With a new tunnel connecting the port directly to the highway system in Miami, PortMiami boats being the only U.S. port with direct non-stop access to the U.S. Interstate system. Additionally, the port is connected directly to Hialeah Rail Yard with links to the national rail system. For industries such as perishables, this means produce can reach 70% of the U.S. population in under four days when brought in through Miami’s port. Same day delivery of products is available to locations in Central Florida, and next day delivery to Atlanta and the Southeast is easily guaranteed with a shipment through PortMiami.


Security Priorities

With valuable cargo arriving regularly, safety and security of shipments is top priority at PortMiami. Several U.S. and local agencies provide services to ensure the safety of the port, from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to Miami-Dade County Police and Fire Rescue. Through radar surveillance, video management, and features such as an automated vessel identification system, cargo coming in and out is closely monitored and recorded for top-level security and comfort.


Warehouse Space within a Foreign Trade Zone

PortMiami is located within Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 281, which is a general purpose FTZ established under the Alternate Site Framework. This FTZ stretches from SW 8th Street to the Broward County line; out to the western development line in Doral, and over to Miami Beach. The area surrounding the port is home to 228,000,000 square feet of warehouse space, with 13 plus bulk warehouses under construction, providing thousands of square feet of key storage space for companies to import and manufacture goods under the tax and tariff benefits of an FTZ. Much of this space comprises refrigerated warehouses for quality storage of perishables and produce. Due to the ease of access through the interstate and rail system, products coming through PortMiami can be quickly and easily warehoused for distribution in the U.S. or beyond.

PortMiami is truly the cargo gateway of the Americas. With direct access to much of the U.S. population, and the benefits of operating under the structure of a Foreign Trade Zone, there are many reasons why industries should consider operating through and around the port. As the only U.S. port designated as a U.S. Customs Center of Excellence and Expertise for agriculture and prepared products, PortMiami continues to be a top port of entry for companies who want to extend the shelf life of valuable produce and product being brought into or through the U.S.

For more information on PortMiami, please visit their website at http://www.miamidade.gov/portmiami or call 305-347-5515. Their mailing address is 1015 North America Way, 2nd Floor, Miami, Florida 33132.

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