Temperature controlled warehouses are located all over the world.

Cooler warehouses, freezer warehouses and refrigerated warehouses are all commonly used terms to describe a cold storage facility. A cold storage facility is ideal for a wide array of perishable goods such as fruits, seafood, vegetables, meats, beverages and flowers. Cold storage facilities are located worldwide and serve a key role in the distribution between manufacturers/processors and retail locations.

Storing perishable products in a controlled temperature helps to prevent rotting, sprouting, insect damage, and other common forms of degradation. While storage in these types of environments is often necessary for logistical reasons, cold storage also enables seasonal agricultural products to be distributed to retailers for a much longer season or possibly year-round.

Temperature controlled facilities are cooled by advanced refrigeration systems that use refrigerants such as Ammonia, Freon, or Carbon Dioxide. The temperature maintained in a refrigerated warehouse depends on the storage time required and the type of product. Cold storage facilities require appropriate insulation and an uninterrupted power supply. Location is also a very critical aspect for the success of cold storage. Facilities should be centrally located with easy access to major highways.

The ComReal Miami Industrial Team specializes in cold storage facilities and recently listed the largest freezer cooler warehouse available in South Florida. The 80,000 sq. ft. property is located on the Miami-Dade/Broward County line and is about 15 miles from both Port Miami to the south and Port Everglades to the north. Access to major expressways includes I95, Florida Turnpike, I75 and the Palmetto Expressway. CSX Railroad can also service the warehouse. Visit www.MiamiCoolerWarehouse.com for more info.

To learn more about available cooler warehouses, please contact the Miami Industrial Team at 786-433-2380

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