It has been a common trend over the years to have businessmen, their companies and their families move to Miami to flee from socialism, crime and corruption in Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and many other less fortunate countries. However, we are now experiencing many inquiries from our fellow Americans wanting to flee certain states within the USA for similar reasons! These states especially include California, New York and Illinois. High taxes and government over-regulations are just two of the main reasons that business owners are reevaluating their headquarters locations. As an American, this is troublesome that some states have become too difficult to make a living in. However, as a Floridian, we welcome the opportunity to attract the best and the brightest to our great state.

Here are just a few reason to consider moving to the state of Florida:

  1. Florida is a right work state. If a union goes on strike, an employee has their own individual right to continue working. (ask me how I know!)
  2. There is no state, personal income tax.
  3. We are a pro-business state with Governor Rick Scott taking the lead.
  4. The weather is great!

According to Southern Business & Development “Several demographers are now predicting that Florida will top New York in population within three years.” In addition, Florida Governor Rick Scott is in continued discussions with property rights advocates about removing the state sales sales tax from commercial lease agreements. This would further reduce a company’s occupancy costs for commercial properties in Florida.

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If you or someone that you know is considering a relocation to South Florida, then please feel free to contact me anytime. I’d be happy to chat with you and help with your decision making process. Our team assists companies like yours with their corporate relocation and warehouse space needs here in Miami. Of course, all conversations and matters will be held completely confidential. We look forward to welcoming you to sunny South Florida!

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