Below are statistics for the warehouse markets for port cities in the USA including Miami. This was prepared by The ComReal Companies per the request of directors with Port Miami as to get a better understanding of the warehouse capacity of each market.

Note that Miami has nearly 9,000 warehouse buildings totaling nearly 230,000,000 sq. ft. of inventory. Our current vacancy rate is about 7.20% and the average gross lease rate is $7.42 per sq. ft. In addition, Miami delivered over 2M sq. ft. of new warehouse space in 2012 and we expect to deliver about the same amounts in 2013 and 2014. For more information on warehouses near Port Miami, please contact ComReal’s Miami warehouse team at 786-433-2380. Thank you very much.

Port City MarketTotal # of BuildingsTotal Inventory Sq. Ft.Available Sq. Ft.Vacancy Rate  %Lease Rates Per Sq. Ft.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL6,246126,774,31610,967,7878.80%$7.22
Houston, TX15,966506,173,67426,145,9775.30%$5.43
Jacksonville, FL3,758121,494,04312,499,46410.40%$3.97
Long Island, NY13,588340,714,76319,752,3065.90%$10.23
Los Angeles, CA36,836993,123,59749,487,5105.30%$7.10
Miami-Dade, FL (Port Miami)
New Orleans, LA3,48761,574,3215,902,4829.90%$4.83
Philadelphia, PA19,099999,909,55087,707,3399.00%$4.45
Portland, OR5,988194,152,86513,619,6827.20%$6.09
Richmond, VA3,099113,606,72111,917,11110.70%$3.95
Savannah, GA1,15646,018,3207,551,10016.40%$3.82
Seattle, WA8,086303,397,79018,089,9426.20%$7.09
Tampa, FL11,812272,200,59727,586,50810.50%$4.98

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