Our team specializes in Miami warehouse buildings for lease or sale. Our customers include logistics, manufacturers, import/exporters, transportation, air and sea cargo, freight forwarders and more. We assist them in finding the best warehouse to suit their needs. Often our clients ask us what the figures are for employment and wages for warehouse workers. Below is a chart of information in regards to Miami-Dade County Occupational Wages for 2012 that was provided to us by our friends at Beacon Council. Please let us know if you need anything else concerning your Miami warehouse needs. We will be happy to help get you the information and/or introduce you to the right people.

Hourly Wages
Occupational2011(2012 wage estimates in dollars)
43-5011Cargo and Freight Agents3,50018.9317.1611.9522.41
11-1021General and Operations Managers9,55053.0845.1625.4066.92
51-9198Helpers–Production Workers1,86010.799.538.2612.05
17-2112Industrial Engineers73034.0731.9520.2041.00
53-7051Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators2,89015.0913.7410.4217.42
43-4151Order Clerks3,21012.9612.778.4415.22
43-5081Stock Clerks and Order Fillers18,78011.7311.008.6613.27
53-6061Transportation Attendants11018.9920.6814.0721.44
53-6051Transportation Inspectors3034.0829.1819.8141.22
53-6099Transportation Workers, All Other11017.9618.0210.9821.45
11-3071Transportation, Storage, Distribution Managers62049.9547.3029.0860.38

** Entry Wage  – This is the wage an entry-level worker might expect to make.  It is defined as the average (mean) wage earned by the lowest third of all workers in a given occupation.

*** Experienced Wage – This wage represents what an experienced worker might expect to make. It is defined as the average (mean) wage earned by the upper two-thirds of all workers in a given occupation.

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