miami foreign trade zone ftz map

Map of Miami Foreign Trade Zone

Miami now has a new foreign trade zone (FTZ) thanks to the U.S. States Department of Commerce. FTZ #281 will be licensed by Port Miami and will cover a significant portion of Miami-Dade County. Commercial properties within the Miami FTZ can obtain the foreign trade zone status via the Alternative Site Framework (ASF). For more information and/or to make application, visit the Port Miami foreign trade zone. >>>The Vision Council holds the license for FTZ #166 which comprises about 1,000 acres in the south portion of Miami-Dade County. About 200 acres covers the Homestead Park of Commerce. The Homestead foreign trade zone is ideal for custom, build-to-suit facilities such as manufacturing. The industrial land values are the most economical and very large contiguous sites are available. Visit here for the Vision Council foreign trade zone in Homestead, Florida. >>>Currently, the Miami Free Zone in Doral is the largest and most active FTZ in Miami. It consists of approximately 800,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, office and showroom space. There is no other facility like it in the entire United States. The license for FTZ #32 is held with the Miami Chamber of Commerce. Visit for more information.

By the way, ComReal Miami’s office is located in the Miami Free Zone at 2335 NW 107th Avenue in Doral. Please feel free to visit us anytime. We would be happy to show you around and chat more about FTZ’s. Read our story about our experience at ComReal Miami is in the Free Zone. >>>

Here is a story about one of our clients that moved their Miami warehouse in foreign trade zone. >>> En espanol: Zona Libre de Miami. >>>

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