Customer Seeks +/- 100,000 sq. ft. Miami Warehouse for Sale:

We have a customer that seeks to purchase a Miami warehouse for sale for their own use. We have previewed every property that is now listed on the market with a co-operating real estate broker. We are seeking your help in identifying a property that is available on an off-the-market basis. Below is the requirement:

  • Total Size: from 75,000 to 125,000 sq. ft.
  • Loading: Dock level.
  • Use: Distribution and Warehouse Storage.
  • Location: Miami Airport West Dade Sub-Market.
  • Closing: 2012-2013.

Please contact Ed Redlich at 786-433-2379 anytime. All discussions will be kept completely confidential. If your property is already listed with a broker, then there is no need to contact us since we are already aware. Thank you very much.

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