wireless data systems south floridaThe ComReal Miami warehouse team is proud to recommend Mr. Max Shelford of Wireless Data Systems (WDS). For over twenty years, Wireless Data Systems has been headquartered in South Florida. WDS provides mobile computing solutions that automate the data collected. WDS manages inventory for the following industries: distribution, third party logistics (3PL), Miami warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, trucking, cruise lines, and more.

Choose WDS for their experience in the manufacturing and distribution warehouse industries, ecommerce and the aviation industry. Since the year 1990, Wireless Data Systems has developed and implemented innovative applications of wireless technology and software design. Some of WDS’s clients are Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, City Furniture and FlexSol Packaging, a national leader in flexible packaging manufacturing. For more information on Wireless Data Systems (WDS), please visit them at www.WDSinc.com or call Mr. Max Shelford right now at 954-226-9002. Tell him ComReal says hello.

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