Atlas Shrugged review by Ronald Redlich: ATLAS SHRUGGED is an exciting mystery that explores the rational meaning of life and the individual’s rights in society. This is a real “page turner” and motivational masterpiece. The reader will enjoy a new sense of empowerment and a new respect and affection for humanity.Ayn Rand is the greatest philosopher of all time. Her philosophy of Objectivism is based on reality and reason as opposed to mysticism and skeptical rejection of the human mind’s ability to discern reality and morality. Her extensive works demonstrate the importance of philosophy as the basis for morality, happiness and progress. Ayn Rand’s books have sold over 30 million copies. Apart from those who found the Bible influential, respondents to a Library of Congress survey said ATLAS SHRUGGED had the greatest impact on their lives of all books they had read. For further reading on Ayn Rand, visit

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